RE: Spectrum Bulk Cable Agreement & Request for Proposals
from Paradigm Broadband Group as of May 11:

Hello Team Waterside:
The Spectrum team is still deliberating on the process. Had a conference call with the director last Thursday. Due to the fact the agreement was disconnected and transitioned, I’m encountering some additional push back on our proposed process forward from the leaders in their Operations Department. We had some momentum from the initial conversation we had with Ed Torres Director level. Now the Operations Department wants the back balance paid in full before issuing a renewal offer of any kind. My position has been consistent, reasonable and patient. We simply want a payment plan with monthly installments until an agreement is reached for a bulk services with all the salient points of mutual concern negotiated fairly and agreed upon while we establish trust and good will during the process. They understand we want to know what’s in it for us if we pay up. I am still expecting to get something soon from them in a positive manner addressing our RFP from Spectrum maybe yet this week.

Our position is being heard and considered. I realize this is taking longer than you and I would have liked, but it’s in Spectrum’s court on how they intend on responding at this point. On another bright note, however, we do have an offer to serve by a solid Fiber To The Home service provider which is bulk and looks like something we can work with. It comes with bulk double play (video and Internet) and  a $350 door fee per unit as a one time compensation. I’m expecting a couple of other proposals this week with even better offers for the community.
We will be assembling a competitive analysis of the provider offers as soon as I get the others in hand and hopefully Spectrum’s proposal as well. I personally met with 3 other providers last week regarding Waterside and expect to receive 2 very shortly to share along with the one we have in hand at this time. I’ll share with you the specifics once I’ve had the chance to negotiate a bit further on the terms.

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