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Community Documents

Governing Documents


Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions


Waterside By-Laws and Rules


Articles of Incorporation 


Please note: Documents are in PDF format and will require software capable of opening them such as Adobe Acrobat Reader

Getting to know the Covenants and Restrictions (C&R's)


Everyone who lives in Waterside is governed by and accountable to the Homeowners Association’s covenants and restrictions. The purpose of the covenants and restrictions are to ensure our neighborhood is a safe, clean, and pleasant place to live while ensuring the investment made by owners is protected.


For those of you who live in owner-occupied properties, these are included in the document that was given to you by either DR Horton or your realtor. For those of you who live in rental properties, these are included in the document the owner or rental agency should have supplied you.


The document details:

  • The covenants and restrictions that govern residents of Waterside,

  • The articles of incorporation of the Waterside Homeowner Association,

  • The bylaws of the Waterside Homeowners Association, and

  • Amendments to any of the above pieces.



Here are a few to keep in mind. We urge you to read the covenants and restrictions and become familiar with them in detail.


Article VIII – Architectural Control

This article details the composition of the Architectural Control Committee. This committee is responsible for approving such things as paint colors, fences, pools, screened porches/rooms, landscaping, etc.


Article IX – General Restrictions

This article is rather lengthy and contains the general guidelines used to assist us in being good, responsible neighbors.


For instance:

  • Section 1. States that each owner is responsible to ensure that the lot/buildings are not unclean, unsightly, or unkept such that the lot/building decreases the beauty of the neighborhood.


  • Section 2. States that each owner is responsible to ensure that ‘no noxious or offensive activity’ is carried out on the lot that causes embarrassment, discomfort, annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.


  • Section 3. States that things such as trailers, boats, motor homes, campers, etc. are not to be parked in driveways.


  • Section 6. States that the use of any lake in the neighborhood is limited to swimming, fishing, and non-motorized water craft.


  • Section 18. States that all trash and garbage must be kept in containers; and, all garbage and trash containers are to be kept in walled in areas or screened with fencing or shrubbery so as not to be visible from the street or objectionable to an adjacent property.


  • Section 19. States that all equipment for the storage or disposal of garbage/trash must be kept clean and in sanitary condition; made of rigid plastic and well sealed; and placed out for collection no sooner than twelve (12) hours prior to pick up and removed within 12 hours of pick up.


  • Section 20. States that fences must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee.


  • Section 21. States that each lot must be maintained reasonably clean and free from refuse, debris, unsightly growth and fire hazard.


  • Section 29. States that swimming pools must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee.


  • Section 31. States that boat docks must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee, St. John’s Water Management Authority, and any other applicable governmental agency.


Article XIII - Enforcement

This article details the enforcement of the covenants and restrictions. Section 3 specifically details the notification, hearing and penalty process used by the Board of Directors.

If you think there may be a violation that needs called to attention, take a photo, note the address, and email the information to for review.




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