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Letters of Violation

Have you recently received a letter of violation? Have questions or need a little more time to take care of it?


Be sure to communicate with our Community Association Manager so she can make note of it in your account so you don't receive another one for the same violation. 
Jo Ann Donaldson's contact info is or 407-788-6700, ext. 51221.

Have you noticed something that might be a valid violation? First, check our Community Documents page for some of the most common ones that occur. If you're still unsure, take a photo, note the address, and email the information to for review.

Covering your cans

Here are a couple of easy ways to cover your cans so they're not seen from the street that do not require architectural review approval:

Can Cover 1.jpg
Can Cover 2.jpg
Can Cover 3.jpg

You can find other options by searching for Outdoor Privacy Screens.
Here are a few examples:

Lowes              Home Depot

Amazon           ebay

If adding anything permanent, such as a cement slab, then you will need to fill out a Architectural Review Request Form.

Utility Boxes

Those "ugly green boxes" in our utility easements can be replaced, but it's up to the homeowner to contact the utility company that owns the boxes. Spectrum and AT&T are the main owners of the ones in our neighborhood. 

Street Lights

If your street light is flickering or out, you can report it here. You'll need to get the number at the base of the street light as well as provide the nearest address(es) to help facilitate a quicker response.

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