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Lawn Care & Landscaping

Basic Yard/Lawn Maintenance Tips


Watering – deep, thorough waterings are best, as they promote deep roots. Water a few times a week. Make sure sprinkler heads are adjusted as not to water sidewalks, your house or the street. Short, frequent waterings can actually harm your lawn. Orange County watering restrictions are continuously in effect: Even numbered addresses may water Thursday and Sunday, Odd numbered addresses may water on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They also require using less than 30 minutes per zone and NEVER between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on your assigned days. Watering is not permitted on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday.


Fertilization – most St. Augustine grass should be fertilized approximately 4 times per year. In late winter or early spring, use a “weed and feed” product such as Scott’s Bonus S. In the spring, use a regular lawn fertilizer for St. Augustine type grass. Spring is also a good time to spread insect killer, if necessary. In the late summer, apply another dose of fertilizer. In the fall, use the weed and feed or a winterizing type fertilizer. Fertilizer is best applied with a rotary spreader. Be sure to water thoroughly after spreading.


Mowing – this is often the most misunderstood aspect of lawn maintenance. St. Augustine grass should be cut at a height of approximately 3 inches, especially during the hot, summer months. You can cut it shorter (2 inches) during the cooler months. A blade at the proper height will make your lawn more resistant to drought, disease and to weeds. Proper mowing height is essential to a good-looking lawn. Don’t let your lawn become overgrown as it is best not to remove more than 1-2 inches of grass at once. Also, mulching mowers are recommended since they finely chop the grass and recycle it back into your lawn as fertilizer.


Mower Maintenance – keep your mower’s blade sharp. Every month or so, check to see if your blade is sharp. If not, remove it and take it to the nearest lawn mower service center. A sharp blade will make your grass will look better and be less susceptible to disease.


Trimming – use an electric or gas trimmer to cut the grass next to your house, around utility boxes, and in front of flower beds. Use electric or manual hedge clippers to keep your trees and shrubs in shape and to prevent overgrowing.


Edging – use an electric or gas edger to edge between your grass and the sidewalks/driveways. This gives your yard a nice, clean look and keeps grass from taking over the cement areas.


Flower beds – be sure to keep a thick bedding of mulch in your flowerbeds. This will help your plants/shrubs retain moisture and keep the weeds out. In the spring, you can also stop weeds before they start by applying a product called “Preen.”


The information in this article was taken from various internet sites. For more information on lawn care, visit the following search results from Google: St Augustine Lawn Care Search Results

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