AT&T Work in the Community

AT&T has a project planned to upgrade their existing facilities at Waterside Estates. The work will be to convert their existing outdated facilities with new state of the art communications facilities allowing for higher internet speeds and more features for residents. No existing service will be disturbed. The project will require some digging and the installation of new, smaller terminals (8” ... View more x 8” approximately 16” high) to be placed in existing platted utility easements. All restoration is guaranteed by AT&T. Attached are handouts I believe may be helpful to explain what AT&T will be doing. Door hangers will be placed on residents doors prior to construction. The door hanger will have the name and contact information for the construction company should any restoration be required. The work is scheduled to start in October. The installation will take approximately 3 weeks, weather permitting.

Thank you, AT&T


Notice from HOA Board:

At this point in time we are not changing our Bright House service as a community. If and when AT&T sends us a proposal, it will be evaluated just like Comcast or any of the hundreds of other proposal's we get. This, as with any major change, will be done in public and at a board meeting. So bottom line, no changes to your current cable provider in the forcible future. AT&T will be notifying everyone shortly of the scheduled work.


New terminal on left houses TV 80 equipment 8”x8”x16” high with restoration in progress.

Safety, and traffic flow will be addressed.


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