Annual Meeting Update

Thank you to everyone who showed up for the Annual Membership and Budget meeting. At the meeting we discussed and approved the annual budget for 2016. During the membership meeting Justin Ward, Jon Bawtinhimer and Lliana Rivera stayed on as Board Members for 2016. Dave Smith stepped down after four years of service to the HOA. I would like to thank Dave for all of his service to the board and the countless hours of work he has put in as a member of the HOA.

During the membership meeting Will Ventura volunteered to become part of the HOA. Will is an Orange County code enforcement officer. He has lobbied the county on numerous occasions to better our community. At every HOA meeting he has given us an update on the progress of the new park and county substation that is located across the street from our community entrance. We are looking forward to working with him in the coming months and years.

Justin Ward

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