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Traffic & Parking

  • This is a residential community, the speed limit is 25 MPH.

  • Make sure you make a full and complete stop at all stop signs.

  • Comply with the laws of the Orange County and the State of Florida and hold invited guests to the same standard of conduct.

  • Blocking neighbors' driveways, public alleys, and on the sidewalks, are all violations of the law.

  • Parked vehicles should be facing the correct direction. Violators will be towed.

  • If you are parked on the curb and a fire truck or ambulance cannot pass on the street they have the legal right to forcibly move your car out of the way.

  • Educate household members and guests about neighborhood parking restrictions and encourage safe responsible driving.

  • Make provision for guest parking for social events.

  • All residents and guests are prohibited from parking on lawns and other landscaped or unsurfaced areas at all times.

  • Educate household members and guests to arrive quietly and to depart in the same manner to avoid disrupting the neighbors.

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